“A+K” Quality is the highest standard describing fashionable goods that were never or only rarely worn, frequently still with the label. “K” Quality means brand new goods. “A” Quality means almost new goods.


“B” Quality is of a very good standard, describing fashionable goods not worn often.


“U” Quality means fashionable clothes that have been worn often. These are very much in demand thanks to their low price. For just a few crowns customers can buy a T-shirt, sweatshirt or a jacket.

  • Goods of the “K”, “A”, “B” quality are free of pilling, holes or stains.
  • In “U” Quality clothes there are no holes, but there might be pilling or tiny stains, but to a very small degree.
  • Clothes are sold in kilo units.
  • If you have a chance to visit one of our facilities, we strongly advise that before you make your first purchase you come to our wholesale second hand clothes outlet to discover in person the types of quality we offer and take your pick.