We do much more to make you succeed in your business

More than just a standard offer of second hand goods

We offer your shop only original, fashionable and good quality second hand clothes which will draw new customers to you. You will be able to offer your customers a wide selection of clothing of original designs. Goods from our second hand wholesale outlet will appeal to customers who are after non-traditional sizes or styles.

How we do it

In a 7,000m2 modern hall in Hradec Králové and 5,000m2 hall in Olomouc, our experienced staff sorts more than 10,000 tonnes of clothes every year. We employ more than 250 people and have a well-established sorting and quality control system which we consistently adhere to. The final check of quality is ensured by the warehouse foremen. We know what we should supply to you so that you succeed in selling it. Moreover, we significantly participate in environmental protection by giving the clothes a chance for another life.

Thanks mainly to our business strategy based on flexible responses to customer demands, we have been a major wholesale supplier of second hand clothes for more than 25 years.
No longer sellable and/or damaged clothing is processed and used in the automobile industry as well as in construction and mechanical engineering.